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LinkUp's job listing data is uniquely able to demonstrate how employers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve made a compilation of our analysis, reports, and use of our data here and will continue to add insights as the situation develops.


LinkUp's Economic Indicators Report [Q3 2020]

In this edition of our quarterly report, we observe the labor market edging toward recovery from the devastating hits doled out by the pandemic.

COVID-19: The Impact on Labor Demand [Sept 2020]

In this report, we track the pandemic’s ongoing impact on the labor market and offer insights into the health of the economy.

LinkUp's Economic Indicators Report [Q2 2020]

In our second quarter 2020 report, we see a labor market upended by the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

LinkUp's Economic Indicators Report [COVID-19 EDITION]

In this COVID-specific version of our quarterly report, we track the pandemic’s ongoing impact on hiring.

Smart Market Data COVID-19 Company Analysis and Update

This report provides additional analysis on macro-level impacts to the economy, as well as new micro-level analysis on how individual companies have responded in their hiring.

Smart Market Data COVID-19 Macro-level Impact on Hiring

This report by SmartMarketData gives a macro-level view of hiring across the U.S. in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic.

LinkUp COVID-19

In this report we explore daily and weekly metrics such as total active job listings, created job listings, and deleted job listings to track the ongoing effect on hiring.

Smart Market Data COVID-19 Impact on Hiring

This report explores how job listing data can provide objective evidence of COVID-19's immediate impact on companies, as well insights into long-term business outlooks.

Use Cases


Amazon, FedEx Help Boost Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse operators across the U.S. are rushing to hire workers amid a boom in online sales, a bright spot for a labor market that faces mounting challenges.

[Report] Alternative Data and Case Studies for Investors

The report explores the largely untapped potential of alt data through ten thematic case studies, including LinkUp’s job listings.

New: COVID-19 Impact Report

LinkUp's COVID-19 Impact Report examines the ongoing effects of coronavirus on the labor market globally and nationwide, as well as at the state and MSA level.

Are companies hiring again? Analysis on openings by sector

The U.S. job market is making a recovery according to data.

Tracking Turnaround In Hiring and Business Spending

A view into how U.S. companies, on aggregate, are turning a corner.

Investors Look to Job Postings for Predictions

New research suggests that changes in a company’s demand for new hires is a valuable leading indicator.

[Research Paper] Are Job Postings Informative to Investors?

Consistent with job postings providing information to the market, investors react to changes in the number of job postings.

Study Finds High-Skill Hiring Down

The pandemic has left few corners of the U.S. economy unscathed, but has hit high-skill job seekers and small companies hard.

BP: Important Factors to Consider for Earnings Season

Examining some key performance indicators (KPIs) with an upcoming earnings season in mind, using BP as a running example.

Data Doesn't Sell Itself

Data exchanges have seen a significant increase and has attracted new entrants to the alternative data space.

Show Me Where It Hertz

Signs of distress within Hertz Inc. well before it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

[Video] Immediate, Present, & Future Impact: Labor Demand

Identifying early signs of recovery we are tracking, and discussing the future of work as many prepare to return to the office.

[Video] Alt “Pandemic” Data & Quants

Datasets reflecting market data reactive to the pandemic and how the data is showing what those market shift are.

[Research Paper] Corporate Hiring under COVID-19

Big data on job-vacancy postings reveal several dimensions of the impact of COVID-19.

Alternative Job Postings Data May Signal Analyst Downgrades

Significant changes in demand are met by preemptive responses like adjustments to hiring plans.

[Video] BattleFin Virtual Discovery Day

Leveraging News & Employment Data to Pinpoint a COVID-19 Recovery

Retail Labor Demand

Retailers fight for survival during COVID-19 pandemic

Job listings vs. COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 impact on labor demand

Industry and Employer Declines

COVID-19 Report: LinkUp featured in new report about using alternative data to track the impact of COVID-19

Hedgefunds and Alt-Data

Hedge funds are using these alt-data sources to gain an edge as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on global markets

Eagle Alpha Webinar

Timely tracking of the impact from COVID-19

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Blog Posts

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LinkUp’s COVID-19 Data Package

We have aggregated this valuable data and have created a COVID-19 jobs data package. This data package consists of daily and monthly reports that provide real-time insights around the virus' impact on labor demand at the macro, sector, occupation, geographic, and company levels.

Learn more about the data »

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