Raw is a collection of Market Reports and Feeds that incorporates the entirety of LinkUp’s historical dataset as well as statistics and analysis of the job postings. LinkUp Raw consists of three distinct components:

  • Individual job listings: Files contain every data field for each job except its full-text description.
  • Individual descriptions: Delivered daily, this contains the complete text-based job description for every job listing in our index. Unique job identifiers allow for easy matching to our data fields.
  • Core analytics: Raw contains 20 core macro, sector, and micro analytics that are calculated and updated daily.


Report Builder

Market Reports Builder is a tool that allows users to create job data reports. The reports can range in scope, are easy to build, completely customizable, and can be delivered in a variety of formats.

  • Location: Customize reports based on city, MSA, zip code, county, region, or state.
  • Job details: Organize data by industry NAICS code, SOC/O*NET, job category, or company.
  • Time: Analyze by date of opening, closed, or duration of a job posting.


LinkUp reports are a collection of automated Market Reports, delivered daily or monthly, that provide insights at a macro, geographic, company, and sector level. Custom or packaged reports available such as:

  • Macro: Reports at a macro level to assess labor demand, understand trends, and predict growth.
  • Geographic: Reports focused to examine the job market by country, state, MSA, city, and zip code.
  • Company: Reports to analyze the health of the economy by specific companies.
  • Sector: Reports to understand trends by job category, NAICS code, and SOC/O*NET classification.

Job Listing Content


A LinkUp feed contains custom job content that is updated daily and includes a variety of job data parameters and formats. Users can access a LinkUp Feed through the JDE UI or new FTP instance.

Available job fields:






Company name

Company career site


Company ID

Unique company identifier

Job title

Job description

Unique job identifier

Direct job URL

Redirect job URL





Zip code

NAICS code

NAICS description

SOC/O*NET occupation code

SOC/O*NET occupation name

Created date

Last checked date

Last updated

Publisher Solutions

LinkUp provides publishing partners with a white-label backfill solution to automatically publish LinkUp jobs to their site.

  • Real-time access to 5 million jobs
  • High-quality jobs directly from employer websites
  • White-label solution
  • Superior user experience with no sign-ups
  • Improved email deliverability and engagement rates


Search is a tool that allows users to filter and search LinkUp job listings of 5 million jobs from 50,000 company websites. Our search tool can be precisely customized to match the kinds of companies you are targeting and help streamline the sales process.

  • Prioritize: Sort and filter companies across industry, job type, duration, and location.
  • Customize: Save searches, keywords, and flag your top prospects.
  • Streamline: Replace manual efforts and consolidate your sales process.

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