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With the largest, highest-quality index of global job listings, we have developed a wide range of solutions that deliver brilliant insights into the job market. See our data in action at the macro, sector, geographic, and company level, and in our exclusive analyses and reports. 

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With the largest, highest-quality index of global job listings, we have developed a wide range of solutions that deliver brilliant insights into the job market. Our data can be used for a wide range of application including:

 Macro use cases

Monthly Job Market Data

LinkUp produces monthly job market data releases that highlight recent job market activity and the current state of the economy. 

Non-Farm Payroll

Each month we publish an estimate of NFP jobs added to the economy, prior to BLS' release. Here is a look at our accuracy.

Corporate Intelligence

Keywords within job postings can indicate strategic direction, desired skillset, and more. Here we explore use of "blockchain" in job listings. 

Job Openings vs. Share Price

We have found correlation between job counts for companies in electronically traded funds and their share price. 

 Sector use cases

Industry Labor Demand

LinkUp's job listing data can indicate trends in hiring across sectors. We used it to explore which industries are hiring most right now. 

Senior Housing

As baby boomers enter their golden years, demand for senior housing and related jobs has increased. We explored our data to learn more.

Retail Labor Demand

An analysis of job listings from LinkUp's database reveals the sectors driving the most growth for the retail industry.

Construction Growth

Strength in the construction industry can indicate a strong economy. We explored construction job listing data for insight in areas of growth.

Retail Bankruptcies

We looked at job market data to find correlations between retailer bankruptcies and their hiring data before and after their filing. 

 Company use cases

Retail Bifurcation

Are retail stores dying? We looked at our retail hiring data for clues and discovered it's not dying, rather it's bifurcating. 

Fedex | UPS Comparison

Job market data provides unique insights and comparisons of competitor companies. We explored Fedex vs. UPS hiring trends.

Amazon Growth
The depth, breadth, and quality of LinkUp's job market data provides deep insights into specific companies, like Amazon and it's growth.
Microsoft Layoffs

Job listing data can provide clues that a layoff event is probable. Here is an analysis of Microsofts job listings in relation to a recent layoff.


LinkUp's job market data can be a valuable indicator of inflections in sales growth and decline, as illustrated by an analysis of Chipotle.


Job listing data can point to possible revenue growth or decline. We explored Tableau's job listing data in relation to it's revenue.

 Geography use cases

Job Market Data by State

We compared the number of jobs in each state to determine the trajectory of the job market in each.

Minnesota Labor Demand

Job listing data can provide unique insights about geographic areas. We dug into job listing data for our home state to learn more.

Orange County Job Market

LinkUp tracks job openings down to the zip code across the country. Here is what we found by exploring job listings across Orange County.

Unpacking One Job

By exploring current job listings for a Full Stack Engineers, insights emerge at the geographic, sector, job category, and macro levels. 

Best and Worst Cities for Tech Jobs

We took a look at tech job growth and decline across the US at the zip code level to identify which locations are strongest and weakest.

Predicting Amazon's next Headquarters

We predicted the location of Amazon's HQ2 by calculating each candidates job market diversification score.

 Analytics use cases

Job Duration

The time a job stays hosted on a career site before coming down is called time-to-fill, and it can provide unique and useful insights.

Cannabis Report

The cannabis industry is growing and so has its influence on the job market. For clues to this emerging sector we looked at job listing data. 

Job Market Diversification

LinkUp has found the diversity of job openings available is correlated to both the health of a job market, and its unemployment rate.

LinkUp 10,000

Our newest analytic serves as a macro indicator designed to measure real-time changes in U.S. labor demand.

Unicorn Index

Unicorn companies represent a growing portion of our economy and understanding their job market activity is a key insight into the future. 

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