Job Market Data



Rely on a unique, timely, and accurate job listings dataset that is sourced directly from employer websites globally. LinkUp collects, refines and distributes data to deliver insightful, predictive and actionable job market information.
Perform deeper analysis with extensive global coverage, irreplaceable history, and over 20 unique job and company level attributes and identifiers.
Enhance alpha. Create models and signals to assess and predict job growth at the macro, sector, geographic, and individual company level.




LinkUp is the global leader in delivering accurate, real-time, and predictive job market data and analytics. Through proprietary technology, LinkUp indexes millions of job listings directly from employer websites daily. From this unique and predictive jobs dataset, LinkUp provides valuable insights into the global labor market and helps investors generate alpha at the macro, sector, geographic, and individual company level.


Job Market Data Coverage
Historical Start Date 2007
Total History Job Count 165,000,000
Daily Active Job Count 4,200,000
Countries 195
Companies 60,000
Unique Tickers 6,000
Sectors All
Unique Job Attributes 15
Unique Company Attributes 14


LinkUp's dataset includes over 20 unique job and company level attributes.

Job Record Attributes
  • Unique Hash
  • Region/State
  • Updated Date
  • Title
  • Zip Code
  • Deleted Date
  • Company ID
  • Country
  • SOC | O*NET
  • Company Name
  • Created Data
  • Full-text Description
  • City
  • Last Checked Date
  • URL

Company Record Attributes
  • Unique Hash
  • Homepage URL
  • Ticker
  • Company ID
  • Legal Entity ID
  • NAICS Code
  • Company Name
  • PermID
  • Reference Data