Job market data at your fingertips
with LinkUp Insights Powered by Exabel

The predictive power of job market data is more accessible than ever before. Unlocking insights previously available only to technical users, Exabel’s streamlined, web-based portal lets you access, visualize and compare LinkUp’s job market data without writing code.


Insights in an instant

  • Access LinkUp’s job market data via Exabel’s streamlined, web-based portal to glean insights on public companies—no code or warehouse needed.
  • Browse and compare data easily with dashboards that help you focus on the key indicators that matter to your business.
  • Iterate on ideas and go in-depth, exploring sector and occupational job listings data to identify impactful employment trends.
  • Pair LinkUp’s quality employment data with fundamental market analysis for valuable insights and signals.
  • Quickly identify outlying key performance indicators for publicly traded companies.
  • Analyze company hiring trends, stock price vs. job listings, and compare with other companies over time.

Democratizing data for investors

With data derived directly from company websites, LinkUp stands alone in the industry as a provider of the highest quality job market data available today. LinkUp job market data provides actionable insights for investors through critical, early clues into companies’ business conditions–insights now available through Exabel’s easy-to-use platform.
Graph example of predictive job listing data from Cloudflare
An increase in active job listings can be predictive of share increases »