What makes LinkUp jobs data unique?

LinkUp’s real-time data is sourced from more than 200 million job listings representing 60,000+ companies in 195 countries, and has been collected continuously since 2007. We offer the most comprehensive and highest quality employment data available.

LinkUp data is sourced directly from employer websites and updated daily, eliminating job board pollution like duplicate and expired listings. We don’t just provide more data, we provide higher quality data and the analytics our clients need to make it actionable.

Employment data from LinkUp provides a true view of the global job market across geography, industries and employers, giving our clients an edge against market volatility and fluctuations.

LinkUp data is used and trusted by the world’s largest, most sophisticated asset management firms, corporations, human capital management firms and management consultants. Investors who demand the best job market data available count on ours.

LinkUp delivers more powerful, more accurate data that provides deeper insights into where the job market is trending—from the highest level all the way down to individual companies, occupations, and zip codes—helping our clients make better decisions.

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Weekly and monthly reports

The LinkUp U.S. Macro Data Package provides a top-down view of U.S. labor demand from a variety of perspectives. Job listings are aggregated by occupation type and location (MSAs and states), including new listings, deleted listings, and total active listings. Labor demand is also aggregated by industry and duration estimates (time to fill a position) calculated across each of geographic, occupation, and industry groupings.

Weekly and monthly reports on total unique active job listings, new and removed job count and closed job duration (length of time a listing is open):

  • By all U.S. jobs
  • By all U.S. jobs & industry (NAICS)
  • By state & occupation (O*Net)
  • By state & industry (NAICS)
  • By top 20 U.S. metropolitan areas (MSA)
  • The LinkUp 10,000—capturing the sum total of U.S. job listings from the 10,000 global employers in LinkUp’s database with the most U.S. job listings


Data characteristics


Time period: 

  • Past 2 years data
  • 1 week lagged to delivery date


  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Delivery days: 

  • Weekly report: every Sunday
  • Monthly report: on the 7th of every month

Data dates:

  • 1 week lag

Regional coverage:

  • U.S. as a whole
  • 50 U.S. states
  • Largest 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in U.S.

File type:

  • CSV


  • Access reports via the LinkUp datastore
  • API feed

Retention Period:

  • 1 year


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With over 20 years of experience in human capital management and employment data, LinkUp is the global leader in delivering accurate, real-time, and predictive job market data to the capital markets and corporations. Through proprietary technology, LinkUp indexes millions of job listings daily directly from employer websites around the world. From this unique and predictive jobs dataset, LinkUp provides valuable, actionable insights into the global labor market at a macro, industry, geographic, and individual company level.

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