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"Using signals derived from LinkUp job listings data can add potentially 2% to 5% of alpha annually."

The proof is in our data ...and this report.

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"Job market data is an extremely valuable input to a wide array of investment strategies."

Impactful insights,
plus proven performance

Derived directly from company websites, LinkUp job market data provides actionable insights for investors through critical, early clues into companies’ business conditions. The goal of this report is to demonstrate the utility of our job listings data as a primary input into various equity investment strategies.

Using new analytics software
(that you can get your hands on)

LinkUp has recently partnered with data and analytics software company Exabel to enable greater ease of use for job postings data and bring powerful analytical tools to investigation of the data set. The LinkUp Insights powered by Exabel platform was used for backtesting in the Job Market Data Performance Report. 

Download the report to see the results as well as get a peak at parts of the platform that allow users to chart, screen, and test LinkUp’s job market data through your own browser. 

Signals and strategies, tested

The Job Market Data Performance Report shows, in detail, the value that LinkUp data provides as the only factor in a trading strategy. The strategies discussed in this paper should be viewed only as starting points for idea generation. Using the top 500 U.S.-listed companies based on market capitalization, we demonstrate the effectiveness of our signals.

This Performance Report proves the value of LinkUp data by showcasing examples of strategy development and testing. Download the full PDF to see more details, graphs, and results for our tested strategies:

    • Strategy A: Active Z-Score
    • Strategy B: Percentage Active
    • Strategy C: Smoothed Z-Score
    • Strategy D: Created Percentage

Published reports

"The results prove that LinkUp’s job listing data demonstrates the potential to add alpha to any strategy."


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